Welcome to Mining Media Group

The Mining Media Group is a communications company dedicated to assisting qualified, promising mining production and exploration/development companies increase their global market awareness. Through multiple channels for outreach, the Mining Media Group looks to spread factual and timely information for the financial markets to consider.

Mining bull markets tend to be cyclical. The world looks to be entering a positive new metals cycle for 2018/19 and beyond. Demand for base metals is growing due to global shortages, the need for infrastructure in developing nations and growth in exciting, new markets like electric vehicles production. Demand for precious metals is also growing, mostly as a hedge against global inflation.

We have seen people make enough money to retire by backing the right mining company. While one should never ‘bet the house’ on anything, carefully reviewed mining companies plus a strategic investment plan (with advice from a professional investment advisor) can offer significant upside to smart investors.


Timing and insight are very important in mining investments, as well as backing the right teams. On top of company projects reviews, we aim to provide the ‘full picture’ of interesting mining sector companies. By providing information and access to various industry & company-specific reports, we hope to assist you in your due diligence process.

Please be careful as mining sector investments can be risky. That said, it is truly incredible what can happen to a portfolio that holds a good position in the right mining company. We hope we can offer you insight in your hunt for that one company that could change everything.

The Mining Media Group wants to help you win out there. Should you have any questions or need more information, please contact us via email at: mediaroom@miningmediagroup.com